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Pillars: peace and security; leadership and agency

Keywords: order, international society, regionalism, norms, global governance


Filippo is a Lecturer in International Relations and currently serves as Chair of the English School section at the International Studies Association. Prior to joining St Andrews, Filippo taught at King’s College London and UCL. His work is strongly interdisciplinary, being situated at the intersection between IR theory, regionalism, area studies (in particular Eurasia), and international history. His research has appeared in Geopolitics, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, International Relations, Europe-Asia Studies, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, and Problems of Post-Communism among others, as well as in several edited volumes. Filippo’s latest work on illiberal solidarism in Central Asia is forthcoming in International Studies Quarterly.


‘Authoritarianism as an Institution? The Case of Central Asia.’ International Studies Quarterly, forthcoming. Available at

‘Is the ES still an underexploited resource? And whither the ES? An introduction.’ Part of the forum section ‘The English School of IR: Present Status and Future Prospects in a Changing World,’ edited by F. Costa Buranelli. Cambridge Review of International Affairs. Online first, 2020. Available at

‘Accommodating Revisionism through Balancing Regionalism: The Case of Central Asia’ (with Aliya Tskhay). Europe-Asia Studies. Online first, 2020. Available at

‘When states and individuals meet. The UN Ombudsperson as a “contact point” between international and world society’ (with Francesco Giumelli). International Relations. 2020, 34 (1): 46-66.

‘Global international society, regional international societies and regional international organizations: a dataset of primary institutions.’ in International Organization in the Anarchical Society. Knudsen, T. B. & Navari, C. (eds.), 2018, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 233-263.

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