The CGLG is a community of active researchers. Recent publications from our members are noted below. More expansive publication lists can be found on our member profiles.

Beasley, Ryan K and Hom, Andrew R. Forthcoming. ‘Foreign Policy in the Fourth Dimension (FP4D): Locating Time in Decision Making.’ Foreign Policy Analysis.

Hom, Andrew R and Ryan K Beasley. Forthcoming. ‘Constructing time in foreign policy-making: Brexit’s timing entrepreneurs, malcontemps and apparatchiks.’ International Affairs.

Costa Buranelli, Filippo. Forthcoming. ‘Authoritarianism as an Institution? The Case of Central Asia.’ International Studies Quarterly. Available at

Puri, Anuj. Forthcoming. ‘A theory of privacy.’ Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy. 30 (April 2021). Available at