Anthony F Lang Jr

Professor of International Political Theory

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Pillars: ethics and rights; peace and security

Keywords: international ethics; global constitutionalism; international legal theory; responsibility; intervention; human rights; Hannah Arendt; Aristotle


Anthony F Lang Jr (Tony) is a Professor of International Political Theory at the University of St Andrews. He received his PhD in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University in 1996. He was an Assistant Professor in Political Science at the American University in Cairo from 1996 through 2000, followed by service as a programme officer at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs from 2000 through 2003. He has been at the University of St Andrews since 2004 where he has served as the School of International Relations Head of School (2016-2019) and founded the Centre for Global Constitutionalism (the early iteration of the Centre for Global Law and Governance).

Tony’s research focuses on the intersection of ethics, law and politics at the global level. He has written on global constitutionalism, the just war tradition, political responsibility, human rights, humanitarian intervention, and the political theory of Hannah Arendt, Hans Morgenthau, and Aristotle. His publications can be found at and he tweets @ProfTonyLang.


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