Robin El Kady

PhD Candidate, International Relations

Thesis title: Tweeting Legitimacy: International Organisations’ Strategic Use of Twitter for their Public Legitimation

School of IR profile


Robin is a PhD Candidate in International Relations at the University of St Andrews and a Fellow at the Centre for Global Law and Governance. His doctoral thesis focuses on international organisations’ use of public communication. He uses mixed methods (including natural language processing) to investigate how new media technology changes international organisations’ legitimation strategies.

Robin works as an academic tutor of undergraduate students at the University of St Andrews. He has received the university-wide Teaching Award for his courses on global politics. Robin holds a Master’s from Harvard University in religion, ethics, and politics and another Master’s from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in public international law. His professional experiences include work for the United Nations Secretariat, the German Ministry of Defence, the German Council on Foreign Relations and the Oxford Royale Academy.


El Kady, Robin (2020). ‘International Law on Drones: Legal Justifications and Implications of the Soleimani Case.’ Michigan International Lawyer 31(2), pp. 3-7. Available here.

El Kady, Robin (2020). ‘International Laws of Landmines: The United States’ New Mine Policy.’ Cambridge International Law Journal [Blog], 8 July. Available here.